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Music is good. Listen to more of it, okay?

This purpose of this blog is not only to hold myself accountable, but to really dig into music in all its forms and to glorify the work that goes into creating it. Maybe seeing this will inspire others to reconsider their music consumption habits. In decades past, fanzines and solid music journalism helped create a reciprocal culture that supported the wider ecosystem. This is just a very small version of that. I make music and love music that others make, so I want to do my part to highlight it as much as possible.


R.T. Quinn is a writer based in Tacoma, WA. Pedal-addict guitarist, eleven-plus-year veteran chinchilla wrangler, reluctant data analyst and whiskey drinker. Top-notch taco maker, lesser of two guitarists for Better Futures.

Okay, but who else?

Great question!

Non-Music Blog Friends:

About those affiliate links…

Yeah, I’m using affiliate links to generate revenue from the site. If you hate that, don’t use them; I’m very sympathetic to those concerns. It’s just a useful shorthand for people to visualize what I’m talking about and grab it right away, if wanted.

It also helps pay for my many musical endeavors. Virtually all funds generated from this blog are likely to be given to independent creators. Also, not everyone can hop into a car and navigate a congested downtown in pursuit of buying locally. If you can, you should. If nothing else, just treat those links as webrooming so you know what to look for when you head to your locally-owned retailer.

All that said, music links will default to Bandcamp first because everyone on this planet should be buying music there. I don’t get anything from those links, except the sheer satisfaction that you’re going to have the best music-buying experience available on the internet.