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Digital Music Library A-Z: The Letter A

charmed by the sound

In this series, I’m going through my entire digital music library to see what I have in there and deep dive into my holdings.

At the time of this writing, the stats on my archive are as follows: 632 artists, 6,243 songs, 44.3 GB, total playtime of 18 days, three hours and 34 minutes. I’ll start with the bands I have a healthy collection for, then move on to the random detritus of this decades-old collection.

Aesop Rock: None Shall Pass. Purchased on CD and ripped, I believe. Great album, with “Coffee” being my absolute favorite song.

Aidan Baker: Triptychs: Variations on a Melody. Bought on CD as part of a lot Important Records offered as a fundraising effort to get their new warehouse barn built. Ripped and passed the CD on to a friend. There are a number of those like this in here.

Almanac Mountain: When In Nature, So Many Seas, Almanac Mountain Is In Like With You, and Cryptoseismology. I know I also bought Black Collar Vices, but it is, for some reason, not in Rhythmbox. I’ll have to rectify that. The creative force behind Almanac Mountain, Chris Cote, found me, actually. He invited my old band to play in a music series he was hosting and we’ve been following one another musically ever since. So Many Seas appears on my top 25 albums list.

A Narcotic Frog: self-titled album. I…honestly have no idea how I acquired this. I can’t seem to find it out there on the internet, but I know that it was an RPM Challenge album from 2011.

Angels of Light: Everything Is Good Here/Please Come Home. It’s a shame that this is the only Michael Gira creation I own, but it is a good one. I bought this CD and ripped these files years ago. “Kosinski” is a really excellent track.

ann annie: cordillera. Purchased solely so I could give the cassette to my brother for his growing collection. Really nice. Probably going to grab more of these.

Anoice: The Black Rain. Also from the Important Records fundraiser. Really good, really dark, based as it is on the Great East Japan Earthquake.

another cultural landslide: last days last days, live your life as if your ass was on fire, woof, not enough bullets, and the single “new digs” from Ramen Music #3. Former RPMers, current Twitter friends, good people. Going out of their way to make the least-predictable music possible.

Arcade Fire: Funeral, Neon Bible, and The Suburbs. Hoo boy. Yeah. I don’t think I paid for any of these, although I do now have Funeral on vinyl. As you can see, I trailed off after their mainstream heyday.

A Silver Mt. Zion: He Has Left Us Alone But Shafts Of Light Sometimes Grace The Corner Of Our Rooms…, Born Into Trouble As The Sparks Fly Upward, “This Is Our Punk-Rock” Thee Rusted Satellites Gather + Sing, The “Pretty Little Lightning Paw” EP, Horses In The Sky, and 13 Blues For Thirteen Moons. I’m pretty sure I owned all of these on CD at one point or another. If not, I might have borrowed them from friends to rip. I think The “Pretty Little Lightning Paw” EP and Horses In The Sky are my favorites, but I really didn’t like 13 Blues For Thirteen Moons.

Aun: VII. From the Important Records fundraiser. Ripped and gifted on. Dark, ambient, good.

And a bunch of random singles:
A.C. Newman: “Homemade Bombs in the Afternoon”, courtesy of a mix CD.
AFI: I have four songs from Davey Havok’s punkish-rock outfit: “Halloween”, bought from iTunes for my Halloween playlist; “God Called In Sick Today”, origin unknown; “The Boy Who Destroyed the World”, origin unknown; “Love Like Winter”, courtesy of a mix CD.
Aaron Kent: “There Is a Poverty Line (Innereyefull Remix)”, from Ramen Music #11.
Aimee Mann: “Wise Up”, probably file shared. Sorry, Aimee.
Al Bowlly: “Guilty”, origin unknown. Because of Amelie, though.
Akeli Friedenssonne: “White Dove”, courtesy of Ramen Music #08.
Alexi Murdoch: “Song for You”, courtesy of a mix CD from Evan.
Alice Cooper: “Dead Babies”, bought from iTunes for one iteration of my Halloween playlist.
am/fm dreams: “Drown”, both from a mix CD and from Ramen Music #1.
Amos Lee: “Careless”, bought from iTunes.
Amy Seeley: “Surprisingly So”, courtesy of a mix CD from Evan.
Andrew Duncan Brown: “All That You Need”, from Ramen Music #12.
Andrew Weathers Ensemble: “Ecstatic, Unchanging”, from Ramen Music #9.
Andy Berkhout: “Love of Mine”, from Ramen Music #4. Great tune.
Andy Hentz: “Parlor Tricks,” from Ramen Music #5.
Any Kind: “Sunny Daydreams”, from Ramen Music #9.
Apostle of Hustle: “24 Robbers”, courtesy of a mix CD.
Arabb: “Chief Running Sauce”, from Ramen Music #5.
Archive: “Dolphinator”. I have no idea what this is or where it came from.
Artichoke Heart Souffle: “Follow Me Upstairs”, courtesy of a mix CD from Evan.
A Seated Craft: “Shell” and “Celestial Mechanics”, both from Ramen Music #10.
Asfandyar Khan, “Hello, Morocco”, from Ramen Music #9.
Ashley MacIsaac: “Brenda Stubbert” & “Sad Wedding Day”, ripped from CD, I think. There’s a secret track at the end of “Brenda Stubbert” that is one of the saddest songs I’ve heard.
Assateague: “13 Sleep”, from Ramen Music #6.
Assemblage 23: “Lullaby”, origin unknown.

Aw, man. Ramen Music. What an amazing thing that was. I hope it comes back from the dead someday. I can’t even link to it anymore, but the gist is that it was a digital magazine/playlist of independent musicians curated by a judging panel. It paid the artists, too, something like $75 a track, I think? Very slick. I guess it makes sense that it wouldn’t last.